• Important Tips When It Comes To Piano Lessons
    It's pretty hard to imagine life without music. When you see kids and even young adults, taking up voice lessons, you see the genuine happiness and glee in their faces. Indeed, music is an essential part of our lives.

    But learning a new instrument is no easy feat, especially when it comes to the piano. And with the advent of rock n roll, R and B, and techno music, the classical feel and luxurious ambiance that the piano brings seems to have lost its touch. But there are still plenty of people interested in mastering the musical instrument, eager for piano lessons in Northern Kentucky.

    Here are two of the most crucial tips for anyone engaging in piano lessons in Northern Kentucky or even voice lessons in Northern Kentucky:

    Choose a Music Genre that you are Genuinely Passionate About
    What is the genre that you are genuinely passionate about?
    Jun 23, 2017
  • Dance, Acting And Voice Classes In Northern Kentucky
    Thinking out of the box is a skill that is not easy to develop on your own. We at Moss Dance & Performing Arts Academy cultivate just that. An excellent way to discover your hidden talent is by joining a dance, acting or voice class.

    Our classes in Northern Kentucky are taught by a group of talented teachers who are willing to help you. Teaching acting, dancing and voice requires a bit of effort because it has nothing to do with how many notes you take like in a traditional class. It’s art, the more effort you are willing to put in, the more success you will have in the field. Effort is required from both the sides; an equally wise mentor will be able to motivate his pupil to reach incredible heights of achievement.

    Some people who undergo this training are often interested in pursuing a career in entertainment. You can have a great
    May 31, 2017
  • Dance Studio In Northern Kentucky Takes Performers To The Next Level
    Celebrating 15 years of teaching the performing arts, Moss Dance and Performing Arts Academy continues to excel in training well-rounded performers. Owners Amy and Joe Moss bring a lifetime of dancing, acting, and singing experience to their Northern Kentucky academy. With more than a dozen instructors, they prepare talented students for college and professional auditions, intense dance competitions, and numerous mainstage productions.

    Moss Dance and Performing Arts Academy has a long-running reputation for successfully training the youngest of performers to adults in the disciplines of dancing, singing, acting, and piano lessons in northern Kentucky. As beautiful as the performing arts are, the cycle of talent who go from performing to teaching the next generation of performers is equally as beautiful. The performing arts has changed the
    May 30, 2017